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Business Clients

Building your business is a full-time job.  The successful business owner knows what he is best at and outsources other duties to professionals with experience.  We partner with our clients to learn their goals and provide information needed to reach those goals!

In addition to helping with the financial data we can work to find the right management, clerical and technical people to build your business.  Our employment services are the right choice because we already know you and the type of people your want to work with everyday.  If you are not ready to hire full-time people our trained temporary personnel can help bridge the gap until you are ready.

Our Services Include:

  • Personal & Business Services
  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Financial Statements
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Financial Planning
  • Reports & Projections
  • Financial Consulting & Training
  • Payroll Services


Outsourcing Solutions

In addition to offering training classes we offer complete outsourcing solutions, from opening the mail to preparing your financial reports. Have a great staff? We can work with them to process payroll and make tax deposits, answer questions on use of QuickBooks® or assist in special one-time only projects.

What we can do for you . . .

  • Target Training can install and setup your QuickBooks software.
  • Assess you current QuickBooks software usage. Is it time to upgrade?
  • Find add-on products that work with QuickBooks.
  • Outgrowing QuickBooks? Enterprise Financial Solutions is a great step up from the traditional QuickBooks software.
  • Industry specific applications just released - QuickBooks® Construction software and QuickBooks® Non-Profit available soon.

Complete Payroll Outsourcing Services Available

Whether you use QuickBooks or not, we can provide payroll processing services. Call for details.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes . . . The Time to Plan Is Now!

We are a full-service Bookkeeping and Tax Processing Service, serving the special needs of QuickBooks® Financial Software users all year long.

Tax processing is offered to individuals, as well as, business filers. The time to estimate your tax liability is before year end! Bring in last years individual tax return, any current year tax information you have, and we wll prepare an estimated tax liability report for only $35.* Find out what you can do before year end to lower you tax liability or avoid underpayment penalties. Call to schedule an appointment today. This could be one of the nicest things you do for yourself all year!

*Business tax return estimates $50 and require current financial statements and prior year tax return be provided. Cost based on taxpayer providing all necessary information and 1 hour tax processor time.


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